Pass Guarantee

We’re so confident that this learning system will help you pass, that we are offering you a full refund if you should fail your car or motorcycle theory test after using our service thoroughly. Please note that the Pass Guarantee is only valid for customers who purchase the six month subscription service.

To claim a cheque equal to the amount you paid for this subscription service, you must be able to show us that you failed your RSA Theory Test despite achieving a high standard within the system.  To show that you qualify for a refund you must:

  • 1. Have already purchased and activated a six month subscription to the system using your real name (prior to the date of your test).
  • 2. Always log in using an account bearing the name displayed on your Driving Theory Test entry form.
  • 3. Have attempted a minimum of 10 full Theory Test exam sessions 
  • 4. Have achieved a 100% pass rate for 3 consecutive Theory Test Exam Sessions taken within the last 15 days prior to failing your theory test, with an average of 10 minutes left over after answering all questions.

You must also send us the following:

  • 1. A printed copy of the receipt emailed to you when you purchased your six month subscription. This must clearly show the price you paid, your full name and address, date of purchase and customer ID.
  • 2. Your actual Theory Test fail sheet (your name on the sheet must match your log-in name on the Exam Readiness Report). We will return this sheet to you once we have processed your claim.

As long as all our terms and conditions are met, and we receive your completed claim within 7 days of failing your Theory Test, then you will receive a cheque refund, equal to the price you paid for the six month subscription service.

Please post your application for a refund to:

The Official Driver Theory Test Online Pass Guarantee
Imagitech LTD
King's Road
Prince of Wales Dock

Terms and Conditions:

We only allow one Pass Guarantee application per person. The Pass Guarantee is only valid against the Car Theory Test and Motorcycle Theory Test. It is not valid for professional users (i.e. LGV or PCV tests). Imagitech reserves the right to verify your Online user records which will prove whether you qualify for a refund. Imagitech cannot be held responsible for any loss of data, nor any non-delivery of postal documents, which may delay or render invalid any Pass Guarantee claim.